2020 event will takes place on Sunday 7th June.

Doors will open at 12:00pm

Last entry is 8:30pm

Stage times can be found posted in the middle of the event site and in advance on the Cross The Tracks website.


There is no re-entry to the site once you have entered the event. Please make sure you have everything you need with you. This is an outdoor event and we recommend that you come prepared for all weathers


This is an all ages event.

Children of all ages are permitted. All children and young persons up to and including the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 26. This MUST be the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian of the young person. An adult over the age of 26 can accompany a maximum of 4 young persons.

Babies and children under 10 must be entered for a free ticket these will be available later in the year.

Children aged 10 and over require their own ticket charged at 50% of the adult ticket price these will be available later in the year.

The adult ticket price will apply from the age of 18. 


To make your entry to the site as quick as possible we recommend that you do not bring a bag. However small bags smaller than an A4 piece of paper are permitted if required. Any bags larger than A4 size are prohibited, there are no cloakroom facilities on site. You can leave your bags at one of Stasher’s hundreds of left luggage locations (within walking distance of festival), for more details visit www.stasher.com

Discretion will be taken by security on the gates for groups with young children (nappy / changing bags).


Upon arrival at the festival all customers will be subject to a search.

Various items are prohibited at Cross The Tracks to keep the event safe and to allow us to comply with the licensing objectives.

The following items are prohibited at the event, we reserve the right to prohibit any other item if in the reasonable opinion of the organisers it could constitute a risk to safety or security.

  • Food and Drink

You may not bring any food or drink (including alcohol) to the event with the exception of sealed bottles of water up to 500ml in size. Water points are available on site. Empty re-useable water bottles are permitted.

  • Liquids

You may not bring any liquids into the event other than sealed bottles of water up to 500ml in size or tubes of suncream up to 50ml.

  • Drugs / Controlled Substances

A drugs search is in operation at the event entrances, any drugs will be found, you will be ejected and passed to the police. This included New psychoactive substances “legal highs”

  • Trolleys

Trolleys are prohibited from entering the site, however push chairs are aloud. If you have a wheelchair please see the access requirement section below to access the viewing platform.

  • Animals

Only registered assistance dogs are permitted at the event.

  • Filming equipment

Unauthorised professional photography or filming equipment is prohibited.

  • Large bags

Any bags larger than A4 size are prohibited and there are no cloakroom facilities at the event. You can leave your bags at one of Stasher’s hundreds of left luggage locations (within walking distance of festival), for more details visit www.stasher.com

Discretion will be taken by security on the gates for groups with young children (nappy / changing bags).

  • Glitter

The event organisers are committed to minimising the impact of the event on the park environment, containers of glitter will be confiscated on arrival.

  • Dangerous items

The following are considered dangerous and are not permitted, our security team reserve the right

to prohibited

  • Drones

  • Glass in any form (including perfume bottles)

  • Cans or metal containers

  • Spray cans, Gas canisters or compressed gas in any container

  • Fireworks, flares, smoke canisters, Chinese lanterns

  • Camping stoves or cooking apparatus, explosives

  • Hand held communication devices such as radios, radio jammers / scanners

  • Firearms, knives or blades, replica weapons of any sort

  • Large golf umbrellas

  • Balloons

  • Stools / camping sticks / chairs or other furniture - there is seating available around the site if you need to rest your legs

  • Gazebos or parasols

  • Sports equipment

  • Flags and banners

  • Megaphones, amplification equipment

  • Klaxons, airhorns or other similar items capable of making loud noise

  • Laser pens

  • Scooters, skateboards, bicycles, trolleys

  • Any other item which security may deem hazardous


The organisers are working closely with the Met Police to make Cross The Tracks a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our aim is for a crime and drugs-free event: you should expect to be searched as you enter the site.

If found with drugs you will be ejected and may be passed to the police.

New laws around so-called ‘legal-highs’ are now in force and if you are found with Nitrous Oxide or other psychoactive substances you can expect to be passed to the police, as well as being refused access to the event. See www.talktofrank.com for more info.


There is no parking available at Brockwell Park, please use public transport to come to the event.

The nearest Tube is Brixton Station (10 minute walk)

The nearest National Rail is Herne Hill (5 minute walk)

There are numerous bus routes from Central London

Use the TfL Journeyplanner tool (journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk) to plan your route to and from the event. You can select Brockwell Park as a place of interest.


At the end of the event, think of our neighbours around the park and leave quietly.

There are two exit’s out of the event, one to Brixton Station and one for Herne Hill Station.

All park gates will be secured with the exception of Brixton Water Lane gate and Herne Hill gates.

Please follow signage and instructions of security who are there to help you.


Box Office

If you are collecting tickets or have any ticketing queries please visit our on-site box office which will be open from 12:00-8:15pm on Sunday 7th June 2020.

Food and Drink

There are a variety of food traders at the festival with a wide variety of bars.


Toilets are located through ought the site and clearly signed.

Welfare and First Aid

There is a Welfare and First Aid provision on site, services are open during event hours and all visits are logged and recorded.

Nappy Changing

Our Welfare Area will be able to assist with any areas required for nappy changing and breast feeding. Please visit our Welfare area and ask staff for assistance.

Free Drinking Water

There are free drinking water points available throughout the event. We encourage you to bring your own re-useable water bottle to refill at these points.

Seating and Shade

This is a full standing show, however we do offer some seating around food concession areas within the site so you can enjoy your meal. We recommend customers prepare for all weathers.


In an effort to reduce the use of plastic on site the event will be implementing a ban on all single use plastic bottles sold on site. A cup deposit scheme will operate at the bars in order to increase our recycling. For more information please visit our bars.


There will be ATMs available on site. There will be a small charge for these transactions.


All disabled customers are welcome at Cross The Tracks. There are a number of facilities on site to accommodate disabled customer’s needs, these vary from venue to venue. Not all disabled customer’s need use of these facilities but we will endeavour to assist with access and provide a free carer/PA ticket where required to ensure your stay is comfortable and most of all enjoyable.

Blue Badge Car Parking

A blue badge car park will operate at the event. Spaces within the blue badge car park must be pre-booked. These will be available later in the year.

Viewing Platforms

Viewing Platforms are provided for those who require them. Platforms are located at the main stages at the event. Each viewing platform user will be entitled to one additional pass for use by one friend or Personal Assistant at a time. These will be available later in the year.

Accessible Toilets

Accessible toilets are located at each Viewing Platform and also behind the Welfare Tent. They will also be allocated at each toilet block.

Lowered Bars

Lowered sections of bars are offered where possible at bars at the event. Traders will offer an alternative serving policy if a lowered counter is not made available.

Please ask our staff for help.


Due to the nature of the event there will be flashing lights and strobe effects on all stages. Lasers may be used for some performances.

Personal Assistance Tickets

A personal assistance ticket is made available to customers requiring assistance inorder to attend the event. If you require a PA ticket please purchase your own ticket and then these will be available later in the year.

Event Space and Site

The event is on a green-field site, although there are some tarmac tracks these do not run into the stages (which all stand on grass). Weather and ground conditions may be variable.

If you require further information please contact info@xthetracks.com

If you could like this information in an alternative format or need more information on accessible facilities at the event, please contact info@xthetracks.com


What does the VIP include?

Fast track entry to festival, luxury toilets (not portaloos), bespoke bar, bespoke food concessions, sound system and DJs, seating.

What ID should I bring?

We accept passports, UK driver’s licenses or provisional licenses.

Are the set times available?

Set times for the Brockwell Park will be available nearer the time of the event. Please check our social networks for updates.

Where can I buy a Cross The Tracks Ticket?

Cross The Tracks tickets are available through the our website, Resident Advisor, Ticketweb, See Tickets, Festicket, Timeout and Kaboodle. Do not buy tickets from other re-sellers or 3rd party sellers, we cannot guarantee these tickets will be genuine or have not been resold multiple times. For any other ticket enquiries please contact info@xthetracks.com

If I leave Cross The Tracks, will I be able to get back in?

No, there’s no re-entry. The same applies to our night events.

On the day where can I collect my lost property?

Lost property will be clearly labelled on site. Please ask the staff at our Welfare point for more information.

Are dogs allowed into the event?

No pets are allowed on site. Assistance dogs will be permitted.

Are there any lockers on site?

There are no lockers on site, please try to avoid bringing large bags (anything over A4 size) or any other item which may need storing whenever possible. You can leave your bags at one of Stasher’s hundreds of left luggage locations (within walking distance of festival), for more details visit www.stasher.com

Will I be able to bring my own food and drink to Cross The Tracks?

Not once you’ve reached the search teams, after then you cannot take food and drink onto the site – apart from one sealed plastic bottle of water up to 500ml. Local food and drink vendors will be available on site. No food and drink may be brought to the late night venues.


  • We aim to achieve zero waste to landfill for the 2019 event.

  • In addition to the cans, bar cup and dry missed recycling – back of house, the event will also be recycling trader food waste, glass, and timber.

  • Plastic serve-ware in banned at all food trader stands – all food packaging and cutlery is compostable

  • The event has now banned plastic glitter so glitter so this can not be bought on site.

  • Customers can wear their own glitter when they arrive on site, but cannot bring any bottles / packets of glitter to site. Customers can purchase Mighty Hoopla biodegradable eco glitter at the merchandise stall. Any profit made from the sale of this glitter will be reinvested back into the parks ground restitution.

  • This year, in support of the campaign to ban single-use plastics - the event has replaced all plastic bottled water with canned water.

  • The bar operator has replaced 100% of plastic bottled and the majority of draft products with aluminium cans. As a result, the event is now saving the following:

  • Plastic pint Cups Saved – 95,760

  • Plastic bottles saved – 17,900

  • The bar operator will operate a cup deposit scheme which improves the recycling rate by controlling the waste segregation back of house.

  • Community Fund – money is given to local community groups inside the park and those outside the park directly impacted by the event to invest in local ecology, sustainability and social outreach projects.


Please email info@xthetracks.com for more information.

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